Nonprofit Discounts

Many merchants offer discounts to nonprofits in recognition and
appreciation of organizations that take it on themselves to be charitable.

The list below provides you with merchants who offer discounts specifically to nonprofit organizations.

Please help us continue to build a comprehensive list where nonprofits can find businesses that recognize the sacrifices nonprofits do to provide community and personal services and express their thanks in the form of a nonprofit discount, however large or small. Submit additional companies offering nonprofits discounts using our contact us page.

We encourage merchants to help nonprofits by giving nonprofits discounts. It’s not the amount of the discount that matters as much as the fact that there is a discount offered, as an acknowledgment of the quiet sacrifices nonprofits and those who manage and work for nonprofits make on a daily basis.

If you are part of a nonprofit, please accept our gratitude, and enjoy the discounts offered by the businesses listed below.