Helping Nonprofits Squash Site Bugs

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a bootstrapping startup every legitimate company needs a website – it’s their digital storefront. Managing your company site at times can be a costly move. The constant back and forth between your team and developers isn’t easy. Imagine if you’re in the nonprofit sector, leveraging revenue in the best ways can be challenging to say the least.

That’s why we’re excited to share an exclusive promo for Nonprofit Organization provided by The Bug Squasher.

The Bug Squasher is a tool designed for freelancers, developers, site owners, anyone who manages their website. It video records, annotates, tracks and reports site bugs.

Imagine something is broken on your site, instead of emailing, texting, and/or calling a developer to fix it, you can video record the problem and provide a backend report on information they need to diagnose the issue.

Here’s a demo created by a YouTuber:

The Nonprofit Offer To Help Squash Website Bugs:

The Bug Squasher Team is offering the first 100 Nonprofits in 2019 access to the platform for 6 Months at no cost.
To qualify for this offer you need to provide the following:

  1. Proof you are 501c3 nonprofit ie 2-3 images of you and your team at work
  2. Website URL of your Nonprofit
  3. A short 5 sentence summary describing your cause
  4. A short 5 sentence summary listing the impact your cause will have

Email the above to with the subject line, “Nonprofit Here”

Rules/ Reminders:

  1. This offer is only for the first 100 Nonprofits that reach out
  2. It expires by 2020
  3. The Bug Squasher reserve the right to deny any organizations ie if it appears information is missing or we are being misled or the organization supports negative causes.
  4. When you share the information we will select a few organizations and write a blog about them and share on our website and social media.
  5. You will be given access to The Bug Squasher

All we ask in return is for good causes big or small to reach out.

Happy Squashing!
The Bug Squasher Team

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