Nonprofit Contributor Topic Ideas

Starting a Nonprofit

  • Nonprofit Business Plan Template
  • Nonprofit Bylaws Template
  • Pitfalls to Avoid in Business Planning for a Nonprofit


  • Mobile Apps for Busy Nonprofit Leaders


  • Using Technology Tools to Streamline Nonprofit Board Operations
  • Internal and External Tools that Can Help Nonprofits Be More Effective
  • Choosing the Right IT Support For Your Nonprofit
  • Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Expand


  • Quickbook Tips for Nonprofits
  • Avoiding Common Nonprofit Accounting  Mistakes
  • Best Quickbooks Reports for Nonprofit Board

Social Media

  • Nonprofit Tweeting Tips to Raise Awareness
  • How Can Nonprofits Use Linkedin to Their Advantage
  • Linkedin Fundraising Tips
  • Social Network Fundraising, Facts, Myths, and Strategies that Work


  • How to Get Community Involvement in Nonprofits
  • Ways for a Nonprofit to Foster a Sense of Community


  • Tips to Attracting Youth Volunteers


  • Fundraising Trends for 2014
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Software
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Template
  • Legals of Fundraising Online
  • Unique Fundraising Ideas
  • Top Fundraising Website
  • Crowd Funding for Nonprofits
  • Way to Fundraise  Without Being Pushy
  • Where to Find Grants for Nonprofits
  • The Cost of Out Dated Donner Information
  • Digital Fundraising Tips

Job Seeking

  • 7 Things Nonprofit Hiring Managers Want to See


  • What is a Philanthropist
  • Famous Philamprothist

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