Get More out of Your Supporters – Even Double Your Online Donations

It’s a familiar story. You are ready to launch a new giving campaign – one that you’ve put a lot of time and resources into developing. You’ve gone to great lengths to target and segment your potential donor lists and because of that, you know who your supporters are and what is important to them.  You’re using your historic performance to forecast what you will get with this ask – it’s not a bad target, but what if you could do more. Even double your online donations?  Think about how much more ‘good’ you could do for your nonprofit’s cause.

Beyond targeting and messaging, the first thing nonprofits need to do is to remove the barriers to online giving—make sure supporters can give easily, safely, and often. And to do that, they need the right tools.

The vast majority of fundraising campaigns do not store user (supporter) information. Donors are asked to enter their information every time they donate.  It’s understandable – nonprofits are in the ‘do good’ business, not the secure data storage business. But with many of today’s donors using mobile devices as their main source of communications, their donation could be lost to the common thinking of, “I’ll do it later.”

With abandonment rates as high as 85 percent, this practice is causing organizations to lose a lot of supporters with that form request. What does that mean for them? Lost donations…not something any nonprofit wants.

Don’t give up. There are ways to get around these common barriers and bring in those much-needed donations. Beyond the list targeting and message creation that inspires action, nonprofits need the right tools. They should take time to evaluate the technology they are currently using. Does it work well? If so, great, they should keep using it. But if not, there are options available that can create an easy-to-use and repeatable giving experience for supporters.

What should nonprofits look for in a 1-click fundraising solution?

  1. A solution that is already getting good enrollment rates (hint: the number should be over 50 percent). If enrollment rates are low, that could be a ‘red flag’ that the solution isn’t working well.
  2. Can donations be made using a mobile device? You want to give donors as many ways as possible to contribute to your cause.
  3. Is it easy to integrate into your current system? With the solutions available today integration should be simple.
  4. Is it secure? You don’t want to expose your donors to potential security risks.

Organizations that integrate a “click and give” option into their campaigns will easily see their donations increase – and history has shown that donors with a 1-click option to give, will give three times as often and four times as much!

With a simple click of a button, supporters should be able to complete their donation – regardless of the device, they are using.  No forms to fill out, no credit card information to input, just click and give. Fewer steps, more donations.

The right, secure, click-to-donate tool can increase donation frequency for any nonprofit. With no forms to fill out or passwords to remember, nonprofits will have created a more positive user experience for donors. And with mobile web-access exceeding PC-based web access, providing simple and secure tools optimized for smaller, tap-only screens just makes sense

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