3 Excellent Fundraising Event Ideas for Fall

The leaves are changing color, the temperatures are dropping, and the kids are back in school. We all know what that means. Fall is here.

Guess what else is here? Fall fundraising season. It’s time. Gather your volunteers. Book your venues. Invite your donors.

First though, you will have to choose which events you will be hosting. In this article we discuss three excellent easy fundraising ideas, if they are not a good fit find more fundraising event ideas here.

As you make your selections, just remember one thing. Creativity is king in the fundraising world. Your supporters are just as bored with the same old, same old as you and your staff are. Shake things up!

Ready for a way to bust out of the gala and run/walk back and forth? Try these three fundraising event ideas on for size.

Fall Fundraising Event #1: Speed Networking

If you want creative, look no further than speed networking. This fundraising event combines three separate types of fundraisers into one super, spectacular fundraising extravaganza! I say that jokingly, but speed networking truly does combine three individually strong fundraising events into one night to remember.

Speed networking is a mix of:

  • speed dating
  • networking luncheons/dinners
  • happy hour events

Many of your supporters are professionals looking for social and casual avenues for networking.

As a fundraising organization, you should be able to appreciate the concept of “it’s who you know” as well anyone. Help strengthen your community of donors by bringing together a group of like-minded individuals to mingle in an interesting format, all for a good cause.

Promote the event across your various communication channels, and especially on social media. Speed networking is likely to draw a slightly younger crowd as its greatest appeal is to young professionals. So, plenty of marketing using your strong social media presence is a must.

Speed networking will run in much the same way as a speed dating fundraiser, minus the romance.

Have all attendees pay a small admission fee. Set up a series of two person seating arrangements. Break the group in half and designate one half as the seated section and the second half as the shifting section. Give professional pairs around eight minutes to mingle before calling for a switch.

Offer cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres throughout the night to cap off the experience.

It is always great to gather many of your supporters in the same room and find a way to reciprocate all they do for you. They’ll be grateful for the many valuable connections.

Fall Fundraising Event #2: Weight Loss Challenge

Why worry about holiday weight gain? Get into those skinny jeans early and stay that way with a weight loss challenge fundraiser. Also called a weight loss-a-thon, weight loss challenges are fundraising events for those of us looking to live healthier lifestyles.

They function just like other “a-thons,” from the more standard walkathon to the less practiced read-a-thons. This time though, instead of competing to walk the most miles or read the most books, people will be competing to shed the most pounds.

Host the event via a peer to peer platform and run one competition for individuals and one for teams. People will gladly sign up for the charitable incentive to stick to their fitness goals.

Like most similar events, this weight loss-a-thon will raise money through pledges made based on participant performance. Your competitors can gather set amounts just on the basis of entering and/or they can gather pledges per a certain amount of pounds lost.

Find health experts like personal trainers and nutritionists to volunteer their services in-kind to help guide the competition and make sure everyone is making the right decisions for their own needs.

It’s a fundraising event that lets participants do well by themselves, while doing well by others. Plus, this whole event is low-cost, meaning there is a huge chance for a favorable fundraising return on investment.

Fall Fundraising Event #3: Vacation Giveaway

As we round the corner towards fall, we’re harshly reminded that the joyous vacations of summer are a thing of the past. Our wanderlust sets in and we start making plans for our next big trip. Satisfy that travel bug. Offer up the trip of a lifetime with a vacation giveaway!

Run your vacation giveaway like a travel raffle. They take ingenuity, dedication, and some good fortune to come together, but, boy, when they do come together, it is something to behold.

The best part about hosting a travel raffle in the fall is that it will be used in the coming winter or spring, meaning both warm and cold weather destinations are up for grabs.

Plan the greatest trip you can think up. The biggest obstacle you’ll face is securing enough items to put together an entire trip package. A prize on the minimal side of things will have lodging and airfare. Build up from there with excursions, dinners out, and various other must-sees depending on the locale.

You’ll be able to put together a complete travel package through gifts in-kind from various businesses and supporters of your organization.

Sell tickets for the raffle at a set price according to how much the trip is worth. Then, invite everyone to the big pick and announcement. Prospect research will help you find both candidates to donate gifts and candidates to buy raffle tickets.

All three of these fundraisers are sure to bring success. They each address a different kind of audience and need. One or all might be the right choice for your organization. Take your pick and get to work!

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