Creative QR Code Fundraising to Encourage Business Support

Nonprofits are very commendable organizations that should always be embraced, supported and protected in our society.   Organizations that offer assistance to those that have trouble helping themselves are some of the most important entities we have.   But operating a nonprofit comes at a price; if you pay close attention you will notice that many nonprofits (especially those that are small) have issues with funding, and many of them struggle with the “churn” of constantly going after grants and large donations while also keeping the bills paid in between those donations.  Many nonprofits struggle with building relationships with local or small business donors because of the business’s lack of available funds to donate, and/or the lack of time that a small business owner has to research and donate to worthy causes that their shoppers also appreciate.  The DonorCharge Shop, Scan, and Give service attempts to tackle this problem while enabling nonprofits to engage small merchants in the donation process by using a patent pending system that is a win-win for all parties.

What is the Donorcharge QR Code Program?

The DonorCharge QR Code Fundraising Code program uses QR Codes to initiate donation rewards from merchants.  Traditionally a customer would make a purchase from a merchant and the merchant asks a shopper to donate $1.00 to a cause that is already chosen by the merchant.  The customer has little choice in the matter and initiatives that are not favored by the merchant go unsupported.   The DonorCharge QR Code Program reverses this scenario by putting the power back in the shopper’s hands.

What core problem does this address?

The Donorcharge QR Code program reverses the typical  “donate at the point of checkout “scenario by enabling the shopper to login to DonorCharge, choose one or several their favorite causes, and when the shopper makes a purchase they receive a donation from the merchant as a reward for doing business with them.   DonorCharge also makes joining as a merchant easy by not requiring the merchant to reprogram their credit card machine, or purchase and design expensive custom gift cards for charity, or pay any expensive setup or monthly fees; DonorCharge asks the merchant one question:  “Are you willing to give something back to your shopper’s favorite charity when they purchase from you? “ .   The merchant doesn’t have to know the charity; they only agree to give back their own small amount by issuing a DonorCharge QR Code back to the shopper.   Each sale has its own custom QR code that can only be scanned once; this is to keep a QR code from being scanned over and over.  Each merchant has access to thousands of DonorCharge QR codes which addresses the potential for fraud from those that would like to scan codes again and again dishonestly.   Again, a merchant just agrees to give back any small amount (10, 20, 50 cents), doesn’t pay a setup or monthly fee, and doesn’t have to accept a special type of payment or reprogram their system.  Small merchants like flea market merchants, very small salons, craft merchants and more can participate because it is inexpensive, and easy to join the program.

How do causes benefit?

Because of the fact that a merchant simply agrees to blindly give back, and not donate to a specific charity; shoppers that support event the smallest, unknown charitable cause can select those initiatives online, visit the nearby merchant that knows little of the cause (but agrees to give back to their shopper’s charities), and those chosen causes can earn a donation.  Donation tallies are deposited electronically to the cause’s checking account at the end of the month.   Imagine your supporters being able to include your nonprofits in point of sale fundraising process.  This increases support for the merchant while also increasing donations for the chosen nonprofit.

How can businesses benefit?

Studies have shown that most consumers prefer doing business with someone that supports worthy causes.  Not only does DonorCharge enable support of worthy causes, but it enables support of that shopper’s own chosen favorite causes; large or small.  So shoppers have even more of an incentive to do business with participants; knowing that their own chosen causes benefit directly from them buying from supporting merchants.  Plus, businesses are not required to setup any special gift cards, install expensive terminals, etc.   The DonorCharge QR Code Program also offers ways for retail, mobile, or even online merchants to reward charities with this program with no setup, monthly, or annual fees to participate.

How does this work?


Cause joins DonorCharge and encourages their supporters to participating in the DonorCharge QR Code program.


Supporter registers, chooses their favorite causes, finds participating businesses via the DonorCharge and proceeds to do business with that merchant.


Supporter receives a DonorCharge QR code from the business as a reward for shopping with them.


Supporter scans the QR code via any smart phone QR code reader OR manually enters the numerical code if no smart phone or scanner is available.


The donation is tallied and the cause receives their donation totals at the end of the month via electronic deposit!


The business gives a little but earns a lot in the form of referrals from other causes and their supporters.   This increases their customer base almost instantly.

Using the DonorCharge QR Code Program benefits both small business and small nonprofits; making it cost effective for all parties by not charging any setup fees, monthly fees, or annual fees.  This program makes it easier for nonprofit to engage business support in their community at no cost or obligation to get started!  It just makes sense to give this a try so they can earn small donations with little effort while they devote resources to go after those large donations.

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