A Free Offer Nonprofits Shouldn’t Refuse

In celebration of his forty-five years of service to the nonprofit community, Mike Sand, the founder of, SAND ASSOCIATES is offering complimentary consulting to every nonprofit in United States.

Just send Mike an e-mail at MSand9999@aol.com to give him some background about your nonprofit. Let him know if you prefer the consulting by e-mail or phone. Please limit your request for help to an hour so that Mike can assist every agency.

Another popular service of SAND ASSOCIATES is Consulting Unlimited.  For a small monthly fee,

Mike Sand will provide consulting by phone and e-mail to every one of your staff and board members. Of course, SAND ASSOCIATES offers traditional consulting and training in areas such as grant writing, fundraising, strategic planning and board development.

If you want to know Mike’s areas of expertise,  click on to the Sand Associates website

You can also check the chapters in Mike’s three books

    • How to Manage an Effective Nonprofit Organization: From Writing and Managing Grants to Fundraising, Board Development, and Strategic Planning
    • The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Handbook: Getting the Money You Need from Government Agencies, Businesses, Foundations, and Individuals
    • How to Manage an Effective Religious Organization: The Essential Guide for Your Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Temple

Start the process by sending Mike Sand an e-mail at MSand9999@aol.com.

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