5 Ways To Turn Volunteer Work Into A Paid Job

Have you thought of volunteering with a nonprofit as a way to work towards a paid position? We all know that in terms of the current job market – times are pretty tough, to say the least. The news is swamped each day with figures of how unemployment is on the rise and how thousands of jobs are getting slashed.

What many people do is assume that this means that there are no jobs available. To be honest, everyone does it as it makes perfect sense. If jobs are getting cut why would there be any decent jobs still available?

Think About Volunteering It Could Lead to a Job

“As one door closes another door opens”

I am sure that you will have come across this quote at some point or another. What I am trying to put across is that there are still plenty of job opportunities that are opening all the time.

What the main problem is when applying for jobs is that they are all looking for work experience and due to the current job climate many people are without experience. It’s a frustrating experience and seems like a never ending cycle. You are without a job, but in order to get a job you need a job.

But what many people don’t consider is that volunteering at a nonprofit is a great way to get work experience and can be used as a platform for landing some paid work. If you don’t know how to turn unpaid volunteer work into paid work then I suggest that you read on.

5 easy ways to turn volunteer work into a paid job:

Use Volunteering To Get The Right Skills – Ultimately you are volunteering to increase your chances of landing a paid job. So always choose volunteer work that will allow you to get the skills that you need so that you can be in the best position for getting the job you want.

Use Volunteering To Network – You should always try networking whether you are in paid work or not as it is a great way to make good contacts that will benefit you in the future. It’s not well known that in the current job climate it’s more of a case of who you know over what you know. As bad as it sounds it’s the truth.

Choose The Volunteering Position That You Want – If you have X career in mind, every choice that you make should help you to get closer to it. The environment in volunteer work is more like “what do you want to do?” rather than “this is what you will be doing”, which is great as you can really take advantage of it. You can do this by choosing the position you want.

Always Leave a Volunteer Position On A Good Note – Volunteering is a really great way to get yourself some really positive references for you CV. So you should always make sure that you leave volunteer work on a good note and tie up any loose ends. You will be amazed at what a good reference can do for you.

Embrace Extra Responsibilities – You should never go about volunteering half heartedly, if you are going to do it then give it your all. If you accept responsibilities whilst volunteering it can really enhance your future careers prospects. You can get yourself in a position where you really can put across that you would be valuable to a prospective employer. You can do this by showing that you are innovative and that you brought about real changes to the place where you volunteered at.

By author Richard Orban, on behalf of Probono which is a social enterprise, grouping together nonprofit organizations in Australia.

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