Discounts for Nonprofits Shipping Internationally

Nonprofits that can present a 501c3 either emailed, faxed  or in person now can receive discount shipping rates when shipping internationally with InXpress, DHL’s only global sales partner.

International Shipping Discounts for NonprofitsWith two worldwide headquarters in Walnut CA United States (340 S Lemon Ave #8813, Walnut CA 91789) and Maidstone Kent, United Kingdom (2 Martin Court, Unit 1 Hempstead, Gillingham Kent ME7 3SD) InXpress can offer discounts to companies shipping internationally, from small to large businesses and organizations.

Known for competitive rates, and reliability even beating out such other major couriers like FedEx and UPS pricing for business, shipping  with DHL’s Partner InXpress are now taking it one step further, giving extra discounts to Nonprofits.

Nonprofit organizations as well as growing businesses can expect to save at least 40% off their annual courier costs with InXpress. In today’s market these savings are a considerable amount of money.

Steve Frost Director of Los Angeles in the United States, “With our busy schedules it is hard to find time to volunteer for the vast number of amazing nonprofits that do philanthropy work around the world. We can’t be in twenty places at once and felt if our company gave nonprofits a discount we can help 1000s of charities all at the same time. Furthermore InXpress understand that charities and businesses cannot afford to waste money by unexpected expenses by late, missing or broken shipments thus we had to figure out a solution that worked for these companies”

A DHL Express article in 2011 stated that DHL are the undisputed market leaders in figures and employees. By choosing  a courier who has a much higher reliability rate such as DHL with InXpress you can have peace of mind that your items will make it there safely to their destination.

If you are an organization or business and would like further information about shipping rates please call Steve Frost Phone: 213 234 4278 or Mobile 949 572 0525. Or write to InXpress 340 S Lemon Ave, #8813 Walnut CA 91789. 
Discounts for Nonprofits Shipping Internationally

Nonprofit Discounts

FoodSource Offers Free Cost Analysis to Nonprofits

nonprofit food discountsFor the past 14 years, FoodSource Plus has successfully aided in the savings of nonprofit and human service sector organizations on their custom food and supplies. FoodSource Plus is able to provide a Free Savings Analysis that will show exactly how much you can save by comparing your current pricing to our discounted pricing. By sending in food invoices or receipts from your current distributor we will be able to tell you if you are being overcharged on your purchases. If you are already getting great prices we will simply let you know and suggest you continue your purchasing behavior.   The analysis might show a large savings and in this case we are able to provide less-expensive pricing for the same high quality products without compromising your custom food and supply needs. On average, our customers save 10-35% on all their food and supply items by using FoodSource Plus services. Our food and supply management consulting can not only save you money, but provide you with the savings that can be allocated to grow your organization.

FoodSource Plus is a completely free program and does not require contracts. Our mission is to provide organizations the savings they need in order to reach and help more communities.  If we find your organization savings, you are not locked in to any commitments; we are simply a tool for your savings search. With over 2000 customers and ever-growing customer base, we continue to improve our competitive pricing and research for your food and supply needs. With suppliers around the country, your food and supply items are delivered to you on an instantaneous basis, without the burden of long lead times. We also service your organization with continual audits to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service. Our service is structured, proven, and efficient; making it easy to save!

FoodSource Plus services also include NutriSource, a nutritional analysis program for your food items. By providing us your menu, NutriSource is able to analyze and report all nutritional information on meals. This not only helps keep track of nutrition for your company, but also provides accurate nutritional information to those your company serves. NutriSource provides security to those who promote healthy lifestyles, as well as provide analysis to those who have special dietary needs. We have Registered Dietitians on staff that can work with you and review any specific guidelines you are required to follow (CACFP, NSLP, etc.).

We believe that our team at FoodSource Plus and NutriSource are able to provide the best savings possible for your custom food and supply needs. With over 100+ combined years of experience, our services value the advancement for green-business practices, as well as Women, Minority, and Veteran-owned businesses. FoodSource Plus and NutriSource understand the importance of the structures, values, and missions of your organization. Let us help you grow and save by contacting us for a Free Cost Analysis. Happy Savings!

Would you like more information? Contact us at:

Call Toll Free: 866-248-4520

Visit Our Website:


SupplySource Offers Free Cost Analysis to Nonprofits.

nonprofit cost analysisHeadquartered in Seekonk, Massachusetts, SupplySource is a brand new startup which began its launch in early July of 2012. Partnered with FoodSource Plus, SupplySource began as a way for those positioned in the Human Service Sector to achieve great savings on over 20+ categories of supplies. By providing competitive prices from multiple suppliers, SupplySource is able to accommodate any custom inventory need on an instantaneous basis. Our SupplySource Team believes that with our service of providing Free Cost Analyses, we aid to those seeking to save money on supply purchasing. This creates not only endless capabilities for customers’ companies and organizations to grow, but to provide more abilities in the mission to reach out to those in need.

SupplySource currently services over 2000 members and continues to grow as the need for savings in supplies steadily increase. We service a wide variety of companies and organizations, specifically Non-Profit Organizations, which have the ability to save 10-35% on their current supplies just by requesting a Free Cost Analysis. Our structured, proven, and efficient sourcing process ensures that each project is tailored specifically to meet your organization’s needs. Our knowledgeable service representatives and consultants work day-to- day to provide savings and instant updates on savings changes, notifying your company for new savings and products.  Continual audits with our suppliers ensure that SupplySource’s service is ever-constant; providing the best savings and customer service experience possible.

While helping other organizations thrive, SupplySource continually searches for ways to self-improve. It is our duty to improve environmental responsibility and sustainability by making environmentally-conscious decisions in our everyday business processes. Whether it is within our office, within supplier transactions, or within our service to our customer database, SupplySource continually improves the efficiency and effectiveness of green business practices. SupplySource also encourages the social responsibility of mutual advancement for Minority, Women, and Veteran owned organizations and businesses. With over 100+ years of experience spread throughout the SupplySource team, we believe the expansion of environmentally friendly and diversifying businesses is essential to growing a successful company or organization.  Savings are abundant and rewarding for the present and future… The first step to finding them is a free analysis with us!

If you are a Non-Profit Organization and would like a free cost analysis on your current and future supplies, please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: Jennifer Foley: Toll Free 866-248-4520

Email Us:

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A Free Offer Nonprofits Shouldn’t Refuse

nonprofit advice and tips

In celebration of his forty-five years of service to the nonprofit community, Mike Sand, the founder of, SAND ASSOCIATES is offering complimentary consulting to every nonprofit in United States.

Just send Mike an e-mail at to give him some background about your nonprofit. Let him know if you prefer the consulting by e-mail or phone. Please limit your request for help to an hour so that Mike can assist every agency.

Another popular service of SAND ASSOCIATES is Consulting Unlimited.  For a small monthly fee,

Mike Sand will provide consulting by phone and e-mail to every one of your staff and board members. Of course, SAND ASSOCIATES offers traditional consulting and training in areas such as grant writing, fundraising, strategic planning and board development.

If you want to know Mike’s areas of expertise,  click on to the Sand Associates website  You can also check the chapters in Mike’s three books

Start the process by sending Mike Sand an e-mail at

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