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Nonprofit PR Advice - Excellent Read

The “New PR” Can Deliver Big (and FREE) Results for Nonprofits

Public Relations as a discipline has undergone significant changes in the last 20 years. Gone are the days of mailing press releases and placing dozens of calls a day to a long list of reporters that might possibly be interested in your story (truth be told…they mostly hung up on the callers). T … [Read More...]

donations made to qualified charities are tax deductible

Donating to Your Bottom Line: Giving Excess Inventory to Charity Helps Others & Makes Business Sense

Being charitable and being profitable do not have to be mutually exclusive. That’s what companies are finding by turning their excess inventory into donations that benefit charitable groups in their communities and beyond. For wholesalers, retailers and distributors, finding the best way to move u … [Read More...]

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Great Tips on Setting Up a Volunteering Program & Training

Effective Volunteer Training Focuses On Behavior

"You don't solve other people's problems for them, it is hard enough to handle your own.  You don't save another person's life, you help him or her get through a moment, this moment, now." This is the opening statement used in the training program for new volunteers applying to become hotline … [Read More...]

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Advice – Be Creative!

Nonprofit leaders have always had to be creative to attract board members, donors and general attention. In a crowded field of many very worthy charities, it takes something very different to get noticed. The stakes continue to get higher every year. People may look forward to the annual gala, … [Read More...]

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Nonprofit Social Media Tips

More Nonprofits Should be Using Social Media

If all the latest studies are touting how useful social media is, then why aren't more nonprofits taking advantage of the benefits? According to 2014 M+R and NTEN's Benchmark Study, nonprofit social media audiences grew faster than nonprofit email or website audiences. Facebook fans were up 37 … [Read More ...]

Excellent Tips for Finding Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsorships Are Not About Doing Good – Or Are They?

Here’s something that may come as a shock to fundraisers who are motivated by a desire to improve the world: Corporate sponsors don’t really care about your mission. In fact, it’s more about theirs. Of course, corporations typically don’t have “missions.” They have business objectives. And these o … [Read More ...]

create volunteer program

Creating a Successful Volunteer Program

The backbone of a nonprofit is its volunteers. I was once told that it takes many hands and many hearts to complete our mission. That is so true of many nonprofit organizations, including Wreaths Across America™. By working together, great things can be accomplished. Unity provides a strength that i … [Read More ...]

Targeting Business for Cash Donations

The Secret to Targeting Businesses for Cash Donations

In 2004, I moved to India to help start a new research lab in Bangalore for Microsoft. With the move I made a conscious shift in my own career. Whereas I previously did technical computer science research, in India, I turned to explore the application of technology to social causes – innovative s … [Read More ...]

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