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Top Investing Tips for Small to Mid-Sized Nonprofits

A simple truth – nonprofits can’t survive on donations alone. They need to be smart about their funds and find additional ways to generate revenue. This is where an appropriate investment strategy can help. Fortunately, the last few decades have seen tremendous changes to the investment landscape. Investment alternatives and strategies that were once reserved […]

nonprofit donation advice

Get More out of Your Supporters – Even Double Your Online Donations

It’s a familiar story. You are ready to launch a new giving campaign – one that you’ve put a lot of time and resources into developing. You’ve gone to great lengths to target and segment your lists and because of that, you know who your supporters are and what is important to them.  You’re using […]

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5 Considerations When Leaving Corporate for Nonprofit

It’s an increasingly common trend: After making their mark in the corporate world, senior-level executives want to give back by taking on a leadership role within a nonprofit. The good news is that 73 percent of nonprofits surveyed said they value for-profit experience in candidates, and 53 percent have significant for-profit management experience represented on their senior […]

nonprofit board advice

Behavior Counts: Putting Your Nonprofit Board on a Positive Path

Board members come to nonprofit organizations with varying skills, understanding, and expectations. Though many are accomplished professionals with expertise in finance, law, marketing, or another area of great value to the organization, they don’t necessarily know what it means to be an effective board member. This is reflected in the behavior of some nonprofit board […]

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improving a nonprofits performance

Improving Programs of Nonprofit Organizations

One essential technique to assure that your nonprofit agency is excellent is to take numerous steps to make certain every program is excellent. Here are some steps: I. Budgeting Make sure every program has a current and accurate budget.  All agency receipts and expenditures would be allocated to each program. For example, if a secretary […]

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Tough Economy Calls for Innovation, Nonprofits Raising Funds with Online Thrift Stores

There is a Ford dealership that just celebrated being in business for one hundred years. Quite an accomplishment when one considers how many tight economic times they had to go through to still be thriving. But anyone that visits their showroom can see the secret to their success and longevity. One entire wall is dedicated […]

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Nonprofits Need to Have an Excellent Board

Every nonprofit organization should start with an excellent board. First, gather a group of individuals who share the same passion in the mission of the agency.  It does not make a difference whether the group feeds the hungry, shares investment strategies or produces plays.  Every single board member must believe in the importance of the […]

nonprofit crisis management tips

Crisis Management – Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

There are very few certainties among charities and NGO’s, but one thing that’s just as sure as 990 filings is that at some point, some time, your group will face a crisis.  Perhaps a spokesperson or executive said something ill-advised and it got picked up, or maybe a staffer made a mistake.  These things happen […]

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