Management & Operational Advice

5 Ways to Build a Rockstar Volunteer Base with Quality Communications

Whether they are raising awareness, picking up trash or engaging with those in need, volunteers are one of the largest and most valuable assets to nonprofit organizations. With limited manpower and tight budgets, we’re grateful for the time volunteers donate and usually assume that is all they want t … [Read More...]

3 Excellent Fundraising Event Ideas for Fall

The leaves are changing color, the temperatures are dropping, and the kids are back in school. We all know what that means. Fall is here. Guess what else is here? Fall fundraising season. It’s time. Gather your volunteers. Book your venues. Invite your donors. First though, you will have to c … [Read More...]

Nonprofit News

Building Donor Trust through Transparency and Accountability

How can charities build trust with the public? As donors become increasingly sophisticated, they look for factors that signal a charity’s trustworthiness beyond self-reported measures. Many charities show their commitment to transparency and accountability through third-party evaluation, giving d … [Read More...]

Five Reasons You Need Accounting/Financial Experience on Your Board

It has long been sound practice for nonprofit organizations to have a member or members on their Board of Directors with accounting or financial experience. Legal, governance and ethical responsibilities are such that at least one person on the board should have more than a passing understanding of … [Read More...]

Nonprofit News & Opinions

Horses and the Moon: Applying Leadership Best Practices, Not Business Best Practices

Ever played buzzword BINGO to cope with what can sometimes be the drudgery of meetings? “Synergy.” “Out of pocket.” “ Push the Envelope.” “Best practices.” Bingo! Nonprofit and public sector leaders are constantly advised to apply “business best practices” to all aspects of their organizations. … [Read More ...]

How to Start a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

If you are passionate about a cause, and are looking to do good in your community, starting a nonprofit may have crossed your mind. Many of the articles you read online make you feel good, but don’t give you actionable steps on HOW to actually set up your nonprofit. Properly organizing and attaining … [Read More ...]

Deploying Talent and Expertise Through Your Top Volunteer Leadership

“An environmental scan is the first step I recommend,” said consultant Steve Farbstein. “Let’s get a group of your stakeholders together and we can talk through our plan for the day long board retreat.” Steve is the nonprofit sector’s new consultant.  Highly skilled, mission motivated, organizatio … [Read More ...]

The Power of Acknowledgement – Three Elements of Donor Retention

What is your philanthropy’s superpower? Every nonprofit has powers, but the most important one that eludes many organizations is the power of donor retention. Unfortunately many nonprofits expect to lose more than 60 percent of donors after their first donation. It is time to take on high f … [Read More ...]

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