Management & Operational Advice

Strategic Planning – Timing, Steps, and Expectations When Creating a Roadmap for Your Organization’s Future

Over the years, the term “strategic planning” has become so commonly used (and misused) that it has practically lost its meaning. Strategic planning—creating a roadmap for an organization’s future—is a critical process. It’s important to determine if and when it’s the right time to start the process; … [Read More...]

How to Brand Your Nonprofit Organization for Success

If you’re starting or running a nonprofit, you’re most likely aware of the rise in competition for donor resources over the past two decades. The Internet and online giving have increased the opportunities for smaller nonprofit start-ups to gain recognition and compete in arenas where larger non … [Read More...]

Nonprofit News

How to Apply Millennial Engagement Insights across the Broader Nonprofit Workforce

The impact Millennials are having on organizations is being felt around the world and in all industries. The values they place on many aspects of their work and organizational culture differ from other generational groups causing forward-looking organizations to adapt and change. Millennials’ w … [Read More...]

How to Get Started With K-12 Fundraising

The children need erasers! And air conditioning! And teachers! The children can’t just sit there and be expected to discover how multiplication and division work. Fundraising for K-12 schools isn’t calculus. While fundraising, in general, may require some serious thinking, raising money for sch … [Read More...]

Nonprofit News & Opinions

Setting the Table for Year End Donations: Keep Giving Going After #GivingTuesday

While it might seem like summer just ended, it is not too soon to start planning for Thanksgiving - and Giving Tuesday. While developing a unique and impactful Giving Tuesday campaign is essential to making the day a success, nonprofits also need to keep in mind the preparation and follow up that … [Read More ...]

5 Ways to Build a Rockstar Volunteer Base with Quality Communications

Whether they are raising awareness, picking up trash or engaging with those in need, volunteers are one of the largest and most valuable assets to nonprofit organizations. With limited manpower and tight budgets, we’re grateful for the time volunteers donate and usually assume that is all they want t … [Read More ...]

3 Excellent Fundraising Event Ideas for Fall

The leaves are changing color, the temperatures are dropping, and the kids are back in school. We all know what that means. Fall is here. Guess what else is here? Fall fundraising season. It’s time. Gather your volunteers. Book your venues. Invite your donors. First though, you will have to c … [Read More ...]

Building Donor Trust through Transparency and Accountability

How can charities build trust with the public? As donors become increasingly sophisticated, they look for factors that signal a charity’s trustworthiness beyond self-reported measures. Many charities show their commitment to transparency and accountability through third-party evaluation, giving d … [Read More ...]

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