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Pro Bono Volunteer Programs – A Valuable Resource To Tap Into

Every nonprofit works hard to be a good steward of donor dollars. As donor expectations continue to increase, all nonprofits are confronted with new (and often expensive) challenges—expectations of better operations, more transparent reporting, outcome measurement and better technology. As n … [Read More...]

5 Tips for Asking for Different Types of Donations

When someone goes to build a new house, they generally have to look to several different vendors to provide them with the materials they need. All of the bathroom fixtures come from a completely different place than the windows, as do the carpet, ceiling fans, appliances, and everything else that … [Read More...]

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Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is fundamentally about making choices.  While that sounds easy, it is often challenging to do.  Planning committees or executive teams must identify and agree upon what their organization will do as well as what it will not do. In a world of limited resources (e.g., money, staff, t … [Read More...]

How to Avoid Managing to the Numbers Ruining a Holiday

As the new economy forces nonprofits to act more like the for profit world, you should ask yourself this question: is your organization fooling itself by managing to a number? Are you devoting this year’s donor initiative to prospects that should be given a longer nurturing period in order for y … [Read More...]

Nonprofit News & Opinions

Fund Accounting for Non-Profits: What Is It and How Does It Work

The concept of fund accounting is one of the main differences between for-profit and nonprofit accounting. Its name comes from the fact that revenues and expenses are segregated in the accounting system into “funds” for the purpose of tracking each fund separately – primarily for reporting purpo … [Read More ...]

Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements

Whether you are starting a new job at a nonprofit organization, joining a nonprofit Board of Directors, or looking to donate money to a charity, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the unique way in which nonprofits present their financial statements.  Although most individuals have a ge … [Read More ...]

3 Proven Practices for Major Gift Solicitation

Major gifts are the largest donations a nonprofit receives, excluding the occasional massive planned gift. They are, therefore, incredibly significant. Their acquisition should be approached with serious drive. Major gifts won’t simply fall into your organization’s lap. Major gift programs req … [Read More ...]

10 Simple Steps to Prepare for the Year-End Audit

Year-end is a stressful time for nonprofit finance staff. In addition to completing the normal day-to-day tasks, finance staff is also inundated with closing the fiscal year books and preparing for the year-end audit – a process that can take anywhere between one to three months depending on the n … [Read More ...]

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