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Nonprofits Profit from a Strong Strategic Principle

Nonprofits Profit from a Strong Strategic Principle

For any nonprofit organization, results start with a strong strategic principle—a shared objective about what the organization wants to accomplish. A strong mission and clear vision lead the way, but setting the strategy demands more. Leaders of successful organizations realize that they can’t just run fast; they have to make sure everyone runs in the […]

Nonprofit Advice - Tips to Engaging Supporters

Engage Supporters with a Multichannel Approach

We live in an era where information is available and can be published by just about everyone; if you’re receiving email, odds are you have the power to forward it to tens, hundreds, or thousands of others with just a few clicks. The typical user is online every day, if not constantly tethered. What’s more, […]

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Diversity on Nonprofit Boards

Diversity on Nonprofit Boards

A nonprofit board has the responsibility of setting policy for the organization. I believe that in order to perform this responsibility effectively, the board should include a wide variety of individuals.  Every board should have a discussion of the ideal board makeup in terms of diversity. Here are some of the diversities each board should […]

Nonprofits Need to Remember the Form 990 is an Excellent Fundraising Tool

Nonprofits Need to Remember the Form 990 is an Excellent Fundraising Tool

Form 990 is not just an IRS Form but a publicly filed document and some nonprofits forget they can use it as a fundraising and public relations tool. With the economy being down and donations getting harder and harder nonprofits need to look in unusual places for donations and use whatever free tools they have. […]

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difference nonprofit and not for profit

The Confusing Difference in Nonprofit and Not For Profit Terms

Popular terms such as “nonprofit” and “not for profit” have been used over the years with hardly any respect for the difference in nonprofit and not for profit meanings. There are many situations that could occur and the proper use of these terms would be critical to understanding the true meaning of what has been […]


Nonprofits Can Use Feedback to Their Advantage, Retaining Volunteers and Increasing Donations

It is difficult to improve a nonprofits success without internal and outside feedback. It doesn’t matter what focus the nonprofit feedback is the backbone to success. One of the roles of a good founder or managers of a nonprofit is to improve performance and to make a difference. Understanding feedback and mastering method of what […]

quickbook tips

Focus QuickBooks On Your Board’s Needs

What do Non-Profits expect from QuickBooks? During my many years of consulting to non-profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, I have learned that the needs of a non-profit are NOT significantly different from those of a for-profit company. One of my clients in the Los Angeles area is Baby Quest Foundation, […]


How to Form a Nonprofit Board Development Committee

An essential component of an excellent nonprofit organization is an excellent board. Begin by forming a Board Development Committee as a standing committee of the board.  It would meet on a regular basis to help make sure the board was excellent.  Perhaps the immediate past president could serve as the chair of the Board Development […]

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