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Increasing Board Performance –– Out On the Street

Creating a comfortable, fluent, corps of ambassadors Your board is an incredibly valuable resource to your organization. Both when assembled and in smaller groups, board members have a role in stewarding the trajectory of your organization––and provide oversight through participation on audit, finan … [Read More...]

How to Broaden your Donor Base to Young People

How to Broaden Your Donor Base to Young People

As the holidays are fast approaching, many nonprofits are very much in the fundraising mindset. From my experience at my previous nonprofit internships, the time from Halloween to New Years was when the biggest bulk of our donations came in. Since this time is vital for nonprofits to reach their … [Read More...]

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How Effective Is Your Board Fundraising Committee?

Nonprofit boards have struggled for years to develop effective board fundraising committees. According to the BoardSource 2012 Governance Index, 46% of nonprofit CEOs gave their boards “D” or “F” grades for their fundraising efforts. Simone Joyaux in a current NPQ Newswire* raises some pertinent q … [Read More...]

How Nonprofits Can Best Reach Out & Engage Potential Post-Grad Employees

How Nonprofits Can Best Reach Out & Engage Potential Post-Grad Employees

As someone who is a recent post-grad and interested in entering a career in the nonprofit sector, I’ve been paying close attention to the relationships I have built over the past few years with various nonprofit and how they came to be. During my four years in college I was grateful to have had the o … [Read More...]

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Planning Your Nonprofit Organization: A Primer on Writing a Nonprofit Business Plan

Planning Your Nonprofit Organization: A Primer on Writing a Nonprofit Business Plan

In the corporate jungle, the nonprofit is a very different animal. From its purpose and goals to its bottom line, a nonprofit organization operates in a unique manner, one that is essential to understanding, for successful entry into that specific market niche. Much of the nonprofit business plan is … [Read More ...]

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Get Ahead of Transition: How Executive Directors Can Plan For Fund Development Staff Turnover.

No Executive Director wants to hear this, but staff turnover is inevitable and their fund development staff likely won't necessarily stay with their organization long-term. An Executive Director should be preparing for their Development Director's exit, as they will most likely leave in a few short … [Read More ...]

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The Five Talent Acquisition Mistakes Your Nonprofit Can’t Afford to Make

Nonprofits today seem to be competing for everything: public and private funding, “mindshare” and, crucially, talent. Identifying and attracting great talent — people with the skills, experience and passion to make your mission the success it deserves to be — may be the most competitive area of all. … [Read More ...]

Crisis Management Tips for Nonprofits

Crisis Management – Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

There are very few certainties among charities and NGO’s, but one thing that’s just as sure as 990 filings is that at some point, some time, your group will face a crisis.  Perhaps a spokesperson or executive said something ill-advised and it got picked up, or maybe a staffer made a mistake.  These t … [Read More ...]

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